Rehabilitation of over 1700 metres of old pipes in the Bielefeld-Brackwede prison


The Pader Kanaltechnik – Rohr Frei (PKT) company from Paderborn was the first installation partner and user of BRAWOLINER® and has been working with BRAWO® SYSTEMS for 20 years. They were also the first company to rely on curing with BRAWOLINER® light curing technology BRAWO® LumCure in order to be able to react flexibly to different requirements in addition to the previous curing options with water and steam.

These many years of experience and expertise in the use of BRAWOLINER® benefited the company in the demanding renovation project at the Bielefeld-Brackwede prison

Construction site report

The renovation of the downpipes was carried out in the cellar corridors of the prison with a height of approx. 1.30 metres. For this purpose, the downpipes of the respective cells were disconnected and diverted. Afterwards, the BRAWOLINER® impregnated with epoxy resin could be inverted into the partly very complex pipe runs and cured with the help of hot water. After the rehabilitation, the result was checked and documented by means of camera inspection.

As the work in the prison is subject to strict regulations, all doors and windows had to remain closed at all times. Thus, the entire equipment of the rehabilitation vehicle had to be removed and transported to the basement. The rehebilitation service providers tapped the water they needed from a nearby kitchen and then regulated the temperature using a mixing system. The robotic equipment was operated via a rented electric compressor or a stationary compressor with air make-up.

Key data of the project

  • Project period: autumn 2017 to summer 2019.
  • Rehabilitation of over 250 old pipes with a length of approx. 1700 metres.
  • Complicated pipe runs with often two 90° bends.
  • Pipes in diameters DN 100-200 and DN 300-400.
  • Four PKT employees were deployed for the project.
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