BRAWOLINER® have a working life of over 50 years, offering a economic and environmentally-friendly alternative to open construction work!

NOW also possible to rehabilitate jump in
dimension from DN 200 to DN 300!

The product family of 3D liners is complemented by the BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 200 – 300 (8“ to 12“), thus making it complete now. This means that all nominal diameters from
DN 50 to DN 400 can be served, even when there are dimensional changes in
the pipe run.

The BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 200-300 (8“ to 12“) is compatible with the BRAWO® I, BRAWO® III and BRAWO® LR resin systems. Curing can be carried out as usual with steam, hot water, light or ambient temperature.

In addition, BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 200 – 300 (8“ to 12“) fulfils the requirements of material characteristic group 2 (EP resin, DWA data sheet M_144-3) and is therefore suitable for the rehabilitation of pipes with old pipe condition II.

The new BRAWOLINER® will be available from BRAWO® SYSTEMS from May 2021 in the familiar unit lengths of 25m, 50m and 100m.

BRAWOLINER® 3D – A liner for all applications in building and property drainage

The BRAWOLINER® 3D was specially developed for large dimensional changes or several jumps in dimension in succession. In nominal widths from DN 70 to DN 400 (3“ to 16“), the seamlessly knitted liner adapts optimally to any pipe diameter and impresses with an excellent installation result.

The unique, extremely flexible polyester loop construction allows for enormous lateral expansion. This makes the BRAWOLINER® 3D an optimal rehabilitation solution for difficult sewer systems.

The BRAWOLINER® 3D was also able to demonstrate these unique properties in various special profiles. Due to the enormous lateral expansion, the liner fits perfectly and crease-free to the side and pipe bottom of an egg profile. Here, too, multiple dimensional changes and bends of up to 90 degrees are no problem.

BRAWO® Magnavity SX

Light Curing the Smart Way!
Now in the USA!

Experience fast, reliable and above all smart light curing with BRAWO® Magnavity SX.
Guaranteed with the usual installation safety and high quality from BRAWO® Tech.

The new light curing system consists of an intelligent LED head with 96 / 192 high-performance UV LEDs, a 60-metre long combination hose with integrated power and compressed air supply, a retraction unit and a control box.

The BRAWO® Magnavity SX is CB certified and thus meets the technical requirements of most countries in the world. In addition to the CE conformity included therein, the equipment is NRTL certified for use in the North American market.

Operation is made even more convenient by the larger 10″ touchscreen panel.

Technical Data
Weight:approx. 70 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) :735 x 490 x 975
Connected load [kW]:1.25
Max. range (or hose length) [m]:60
Retraction speed [m/min]:0,1 – 2,0




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BRAWO® Resins

Epoxy Resins

Our reactive resins have been optimally adapted to all common
rehabilitation requirements.

The resins of BRAWO® SYSTEMS are especially developed for the rehabilitation of sewerage systems. The BRAWO® epoxy resins will harden or cure at both ambient and higher temperatures. The application of heat considerably reduces the cure time. For fast curing with light the vinyl ester resin „BRAWO® LR“ must be used.

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